Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the Department Head

- 2019/10/27

In the Name of Allah, the most Merciful the most Compassionate

The Al Leith University College Social Service Department is one of the educational strands guaranteeing an education output that fulfills the intended objectives. In other words, the Department possesses accommodating capacities including curriculum, academic staff members and classrooms.

Social Service belongs to modern specialties which if it is applied in a correct, proper way, it will be instrumental to bringing about the wellbeing of the society just as the case in the developed states. However, this will only materialize through a scientifically-prepared graduate able to face challenges, and to possess real proficiency for coping with all what the society undergoes. As such, the Al Leith University College Social Service Department managed, with its male and female sections, to achieve that through the bachelor-graduated batches.

Still, the Department intends to introduce diplomas on the clinical social working, social working in family field, social working in industrial field and social working in delinquency and crime. The Department also offers master and doctorate programs. And, the Department is greatly interested in communicating with the graduates through organizing periodical training courses and open meetings which guarantees that the graduate rapidly moves with the challenges and copes with all the latest about the social working field at the domestic and world levels.    

Finally, using this website, I can not help but extend thanks and gratitude to whoever contributed to creating such a department.


Head of the Department