Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/13

The Department of Mathematics is one of the major departments at AL-Leith University College. The Department was established in conjunction with the establishment of the College in 1422/1423 H. Until the academic year 1430-1431 H., the Department was devoted only to females. However, as of the first semester of the academic year 1431-1432 H., a division for males was created to offer a four-year undergraduate program in mathematics. The Department’s plan focuses on the basic concepts and applications in the different branches of mathematics so that graduate may resume his/her graduate studies on the one hand, and play an outstanding role in research, development and work in mathematics-related scientific and industrial institutions on the other hand. The Department of Mathematics also offers mathematics courses for other academic departments.



The Department of Mathematics aims to provide the job market with qualified graduates who are distinguished by scientific and logical thinking as well as the scientific research skills that help them communicate and interact within the society in all fields of work. This aim is fulfilled through benefiting from developed countries and the local, regional and international successful expertise.



  • Preparing specialists in mathematics who can contribute to the national development programs and plans whether in pre-university education or in higher education
  • Stimulating scientific research, communication and publication in renowned scientific journals
  • Encouraging attendance and participation in scientific conferences, seminars, trainings and workshops
  • Encouraging familiarity with all the recent updates in scientific research, technology and smart teaching methods
  • Encouraging communication with specialists from other disciplines such as statistics, operations research, physics and the different branches of engineering, among others
  • Meeting the need for some academic courses in other university departments



Al-Bayhaqi related the following Hadith as mentioned by Aisha bint Abi-Bakr and her Father: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “Allah loves that if any of you does a job, he does it with perfection.”

  • Perfecting work
  • Using stimulation techniques
  • Relating perfection in work to faith, Allah’s rewards and love
  • Justice and equality