Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/12

 Since establishment, Arabic Program has been through several phases:

Phase I:

Arabic Department started with the inauguration of the Middle College in Al-Lith governorate. Administratively, it was affiliated to Female Learning Administration in Al-Lith governorate. The Department was entitled Arabic and Social Sciences Department with two academic years. The female graduate is offered a diploma from Middle College and three batches were graduated from it.

 Phase II:

With the beginning of the academic year 1422/1423H and upon Resolution no. 1615/1 on 18/121414H, Female Education College in Al-Lith governorate and the Department is entitled Arabic Department. Furthermore, the female student is graduated with bachelor's degree in Arabic with Educational Preparation

Phase III:

 Education College joined Umm Al-Qura University in Al-Lith governorate with a new era of optimism and aspiration. The Program is entitled (Language, Grammar and Morphology). No female student was graduated therefrom to date.



  • Serving the Islamic and Arab sciences through programs and researches together with taking care of the Kingdom issues.
  • Corresponding outputs with international specifications.
  • Achieving quality standards through courses, instruction methods, scientific research and several sources of knowledge.
  • Sustainable professional development for teaching staff members.
  • Setting a database for female students and teaching staff members.
  • Maintaining modern administrative systems and developing the management structure.
  • Fulfilling the society needs.
  • Enhancing the educational institution through instilling the values of social work.



Achieving objectives and goals of Arabic instruction and developing human resources. Providing health, social and psychological care for female students. Developing scientific research skills. Providing solutions for problems related to Arabic instruction. Providing solutions for problems related to human community.



Achieving a leading role in Arab and Islamic sciences in terms of instruction, scientific research and application ، together with serving the issues of Islamic nation and human community locally, regionally and internationally.

Enhancing and developing  the level and methods of instructing female students in order to achieve quality, requirements of national, regional and international Academic Accreditation as well as developing the human capabilities of teaching staff members and their aides and instilling the spirit of collective action.



Ø Achieving the Islamic values while preserving the religion and the Arabic language.

Ø Following the constant educational approach.

Ø Complying with total quality management as the basis for sustainable development.

Ø Keen interest in field education.

Ø Providing better atomsphere for scientific research.

Ø Developing the skills and capabilities of female students along with discovering talents and paying attention to them.

Ø Contributing to solve problems related to Arabic instruction for Arabic speakers and non-Arabic speakers.  

Ø Keen interest in knowledge sources (libraries, internet and digital libraries).