Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Behavioral Policy for Library Users

- 2019/04/01

Behavioral Policy for Library Users:

Article: 3.4.1:

Library visitors should abide by the following etiquette:

  • Be quiet and do not make any noise.
  • Do not abuse the property of visitors and those working in the library.
  • Preserve library items, and do not abuse them in a way that damages them.
  • Leave books on the table after using them, and do not return them to their shelves.
  • Do not take books out illegally.
  • Offer prayer in congregation at the due time.
  • Do not sleep in library aisles, corners, or any other area in the building.
  • Use computers and internet services for their due purposes:( learning, scientific research, and searching in information sources, library lists and database). You are not allowed to use them to watch videos, follow social media networks, read the news, and purposes other than those for which they were dedicated.
  • Abide by the directions of the field supervisors: library employees and security forces.

Article: 3.4.2:

  • Library officials can ask for your university card or any official document of any visitor, at any time; and the later has no right to refuse.

Article: 3.4.3:

  • Library officials have the right to expel any visitor who does not abide by the regulations and directions.

Article: 3.4.4:

  • Negligence of the etiquette and directions stated in these executive regulations, which are also displayed in the library, is regarded as a disciplinary offense; and the one committing this should be referred to the disciplinary councils at the university, according to the applied regulations. The university submits a letter in this regard to the competent bodies.

Article: 3.4.5:

  • Abuse of library employees and security forces is a great violation of the law that should be referred directly to the President of the University for him to take the necessary action in a way that guarantees the rights of workers.