Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Photocopying Policy

- 2019/04/01

3. Photocopying Policy:

Article: 3.3.1

The following materials are allowed to be copied:

  • All materials bearing UQU stamp.
  • A specific percentage of information sources, according to the local and international rules and regulations protecting copyright and intellectual property.
  • 25 % of the scientific dissertations in a digital file format.

Article: 3.3.2

The following materials are not allowed to be copied:

  • Personal documents, publications, and papers.
  • Lectures and handwritten notes.
  • UQU scientific dissertations that cannot be published without the consent of their authors.
  • Scientific dissertations on paper.
  • Any other materials which cannot be copied according to the regulations of the Deanship of Library Affairs.

Article: 3.3.3

Photocopying is permitted for the UQU affiliates and students, and those who are not members of the university.

Article: 3.3.4

Photocopying and digital photocopying fees have to be paid in advance and in cash.