Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Collection Development Policy

- 2019/04/04

Collection Development Policy

Article 3.2.1: The deanship shall acquire and subscribe to all forms of information and their sources (books, encyclopedias, collections, scientific theses, government publications, journals, periodicals, manuscripts, digital databases, technical media, technical programs, audio-visual materials, special collections ...etc.) based on:

  • Recommendations of the competent departments and colleges.
  • Recommendations of the academic staff.
  • Recommendations of the academic council.
  • Recommendations of the Deanship of Library Affairs
  • Results of statistics, questionnaires, or scientific studies.
  • Reviews of lists of large Arab and foreign publishing houses.
  • Visiting international exhibitions, examining their contents, and selecting from them.
  • Recommendations of writers and experts with whom the library communicates.
  • Recommendations of cultural institutions with which the library communicates.
  • Recommendations of the library's beneficiaries and their requests.
  • Requests incoming from the various departments of the university, as possible.
  • Requests incoming to the university from government and charity agencies, as possible.
  • Gifts for the library.

Article 3.2.2: The dean may directly undertake the procurement of sources of information, to a maximum of SR 300,000 per transaction, until all specific requirements are fulfilled.

Article 3.2.3: All colleges, institutes, departments and administrations of the university shall be obliged to automatically supply the library with at least 100 copies of each scientific publication issued by them, whether it is an authored or translated book, scientific journal, conference procedure publications, or otherwise. The library is entitled to dispose of such quantities by way of deposits, gifts, and display or sale in book fairs.

Article 3.2.4: The deanship shall be entitled to absolve its responsibility for a number of books or other recorded information as a result of loss or damage, not exceeding 2% of its total holdings each time, according to the documented records.

Article 3.2.5: The library shall be absolved of responsibility for the public daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual newspapers and magazines, based on a decision by the deanship according to the nature of the newspapers and magazines, while keeping an electronic copy, if possible.

Article 3.2.6: The deanship shall conduct a periodic inventory of its contents, to ensure its safety and determine missing items. It may request the necessary support for such operations, as needed.

Article 3.2.7: The deanship shall have the right, as necessary, to periodically carry out filtration and disposition of its contents based on the following grounds:

  • Obsolete recorded information, and the availability of newer editions.
  • The circulation of sources of information and how much benefit is derived from them, as seen appropriate by the department in charge in the library.
  • Higher regulations and policies of the state and the university.
  • Higher directions reported to the library.
  • The existence of digital alternatives that the related department considers sufficient to dispense with paper copies. Titles to be dispensed with should be listed in an official minute and the final decision is to be taken by the Dean.

Article 3.2.8: The deanship shall report to the concerned authorities at the university regarding the costs of the inventory and filtration operations, in view of its need for specialized teams.

Article 3.2.9: The deanship shall have the right to dispose of books that have been excluded and stored in warehouses, or to deposit them in the limited access reading room, or to distribute, donate, exchange, sell or destroy them, as appropriate.

Article 3.2.10: The library shall be responsible for the participation of the university in the local and international book fairs, in respect of securing, selling and gifting books, assigning employees, and communicating with the exhibition supervisors and cultural attachés.

Article 3.2.11: The library shall be responsible for the participation of purchasing committees in local and international book fairs.

Article 3.2.12: The number of copies purchased from each book shall be determined according to need, based on the decision of the dean or his authorized representative.

Article 3.2.13: The library shall have the right to accept or reject the books and libraries presented to it as gifts, and shall have the right to dispose of the items it accepted as deposits, gifts or sale.

Article 3.2.14: The library shall have the right, in case they accept private libraries, to hold them in a particular place, or to integrate their contents into public holdings, marking them with a stamp indicating their owner.

Article 3.2.15: The library shall act according to the policy of gift and exchange, and so it may exchange gifts with various authorities as it deems appropriate. It shall also have the right to initiate in offering gifts to institutions and individuals, as this is in the interests of the library and enhances its cultural and cognitive presence.

Article 3.2.16: The library shall be entitled to purchase a number of titles and books for the purpose of gifting and exchanging.