Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Warehouses and Maintenance

- 2021/07/01

Job Description Card for the Department of Warehouses and Maintenance


Warehouses and Maintenance

Classification of the Department


Administrative √

General competences

  • Preserving, storing and managing the various materials purchased, stored and kept by the deanship, whether they are permanent or consumable items.
  • Supplying all departments of the deanship with their needs, according to the mechanisms used in the release operations.
  • Improving the level of operational and maintenance services.
  • The above is carried out periodically to remedy deficiencies, if any, before a malfunction occurs or after any work is completed.

Position in the organizational structure

  • Dean of Library Affairs
  • Director of the Deanship of Library Affairs
  • The Department of Warehouses and Maintenance

The main tasks of the department

  • Supervising warehouses and keeping tools.
  • Receiving items in the stores supervised by the warehouse administrator.
  • Releasing materials and items from warehouses.
  • Preparing an inventory for all warehouses supervised by the warehouse administrator, on an annual basis.
  • Returning unused items and items in a poor condition.
  • Applying government warehouse rules and procedures.
  • Preparing a weekly schedule for the periodic maintenance of library facilities.
  • Coordinating with department heads concerning maintenance within their departments.
  • Conducting inspection tours. - Emergency maintenance.
  • Preparing and submitting periodic reports to the library management.
  • Preparing various lists of the warehouses.
  • Organizing and developing warehouses and maintenance operations.

The strategic goals of the deanship that the department contributes to achieving

  • Developing the infrastructure of the Deanship of Library Affairs.
  • Securing access to information resources and services for the beneficiaries, with high efficiency and quality.
  • Investing in physical and virtual library space as well as digital content.

Competences required for the department

  • Computer skills, skills in maintenance and repair of various equipment malfunctions, warehouse management and control skills.

Performance indicators that the department contributes to achieving

  • Devices assigned to the beneficiaries are efficient and continue to operate and work.