Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Research Groups in the Department

- 2019/08/04

In line with UQU's ambitious vision and building on the accumulated experiences to achieve excellence and leadership in research fields of various specializations that have a strategic national vision for the university and the society, one of the priorities of the department was the participation in the research group program as a resource ensuring the continuity of the flow and transfer of knowledge and the development of the postgraduate study students. This achieves the department's strategic objectives, and embodies the university's developmental role in the region's issues.

The program avails the opportunity to those who are excellent of the academic staff with a distinguished achievement record in research and publications to build the foundation for research groups of those wishing to benefit from such experience in a certain field of knowledge in their work. The research groups will be composed of researchers with experience or fresh graduates from specializations related to the research field of the group. These academic staff can invite the postgraduate study students to join them.

The research group program is distinguished, as explained by the Deanship of Scientific Research, by the following:

  • Encouraging group research, as it is of a higher quality and more productive than individual work.
  • Facilitating participation in international conferences.
  • Facilitating the invitation of experts, as well as the writing and publishing of scientific papers and books.
  • Encouraging the researchers to tackle research in different specializations.