Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission, Objectives, Values

- 2019/02/24


To be a distinct academic and research department on the local and international levels


To graduate national academic personnel, distinct on the scientific, practical and research levels, to meet work environment requirements and develop the community according to academic programs and attracting educational environment in biology.  

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To graduate national academic personnel able to encounter the challenges of work environment.
  2. To develop and update the postgraduate programs, and take an interest in the bachelor’s programs, which are considered as part of life sciences.
  3. To achieve excellence in scientific research.
  4. To improve the role of the department in community service.


  • Maintaining our Islamic beliefs and praiseworthy customs.
  • Balanced construction of student's knowledge and behavior, bowing to the confidence borne by the teacher and the duty entrusted to us as Muslims.
  • Creating a research background that qualifies the student to participate in the labor market within the fields of biotechnology and institutions dealing with the areas of the environment, and enable him/her to continue his/her research studies in the fields of biotechnology and the environment.
  • Apply ethics of education and learning.