Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Tasks of the Department Head

- 2018/01/09

 Administrative and financial affairs:

  1. Heading the department, supervising the organization of its affairs, calling upon concerned individuals to attend its sessions, implementing its decisions, and sending the reports of its sessions to the Dean of the College.
  2. Achieving the supreme goals and policies of the university.
  3. Implementing the decisions made by the college board for the department.
  4. Supervising the preparation of the strategic plan of the department and following-up its implementation.
  5. Supervising the management of the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.
  6. Supervising the development of the department academically, as well as in terms of administration and research.
  7. Coordinating and developing the department’s relations, within UQU and outside it.
  8. Supervising the provision of the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural needs.
  9. Supervising the enhancement of the quality level and the development of its outputs.
  10. Implementing and following-up the decisions of the college board.
  11. Utilizing the powers granted to him by the college dean.
  12. Presenting to the college Dean any issues caused by a faculty member or anyone in their position if they commit violations or fail to carry out their duties.
  13. Presenting a report about the situation of graduate studies at the department to the College Dean and the Dean of Graduate Studies at the end of every academic year.


2- Academic affairs:

  1. Presenting an adequate report to the college board about the scientific journey of a scholar if it is inside the kingdom and under the supervision of the department.
  2. Supervising the educational process, the implementation of its plans, and the development of its academic programs in the department.
  3. Applying the regulations and bylaws of quality, and academic accreditation and evaluation.
  4. Supervising the various student activities in the department.
  5. Monitoring exams and controlling the system within the department.
  6. Supervising the academic development process of the department’s programs.
  7. Preparing a comprehensive annual report about the educational process, and the academic, administrative and research performance, then submitting it to the Dean of the College.
  8. Supervising recruiting faculty members at the department.
  9. Submitting the report of the Scientific Theses Defense Committee to the Dean of Graduate Studies in a period of no more than three weeks from the defense date.
  10. Recommending a faculty member different from the faculty member teaching the curriculum to prepare the questions of the final exam when needed.