Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality and Plan Follow-up Committee

- 2017/01/05

Members of the Quality and Plan Follow-up Committee

Dr. Samir bin Hassan Muhammad Qari




Prof. Kamal A. Ateyya


Dr. Abdulmajeed F. al-Refaee


Ms. Jameel F. Jabr

Committee Secretary









Quality and Plan Follow-up Committee's Functions

  • Propagate the culture of quality and academic accreditation
  • Follow the QA processes and procedures that would maintain objectives of the Quality and Accreditation Unit
  • Prepare reports of the Quality and Assessment Committee, and submit them to the Quality and Accreditation Committee
  • Nominate faculty members for training courses and seminars, as well as conferences held locally and overseas
  • Follow up preparation of regular reports on programs and courses
  • Follow up application of assessment tools, to measure quality of programs, teaching, and the services offered to students
  • Form teams to fulfill the QA-associated requirements
  • Continually coordinate with the College's Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit
  • Follow up adherence to QA guides provided by the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit
  • Provide guidance and support in quality and assessment areas
  • Outline and implement strategic plans, to improve quality of all department units
  • Define functions of the Scientific Research, Library and Learning Sources Committee