Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Student Advising

- 2020/02/12

Objective of Student Advising: Receiving college students in the Student Guidance Unit to deal with their guidance cases individually, according to the schedule set by the unit and the follow-up of the Student Advising Center.

Target group: Department students

Duration: One academic year

Executive body: Student Advising Unit

Implementation Procedures:

  • The college academic advisor prepares an advising file for each student, according to the details of the electronic registration.
  • The academic advisor studies the student file and follows up the academic processes (registered courses, achievement level, and the GPA).
  • At the beginning of every semester, the academic advisor holds regular interviews with each student included in his advisory list to learn about their performance in the previous semester.
  • During the academic semester, the academic advisor holds regular meetings with his students according to their individual cases and needs to assess student's performance level.
  • The obstacles and problems facing the students while studying are discussed and settled.
  • The academic advisor, in turn, stimulates the students to exert more effort.

Supervisor of the Student Advising

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Dr. Al-Waleed Abdul-Raouf Omar Al-Minshawi

Academic rank: Associate Professor

University email: [email protected]

Personal email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: 0501426775