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Publishing Rules

- 2018/09/08

Research Publishing Form


 Last update: 1 Dhul-Hijjah 1439AH


Publishing Rules                           

The works accepted for publishing in Umm Al-Qura Journal for Language Sciences and Literature are in accordance with the following specifications:

 A. The creator of the material submits the material on this ((link)), and fills in the publishing form.

B.  The research is printed on Microsoft Word in Traditional Arabic font size 16 with two spaces, on one side of the paper. The research should be no more than 50 pages, including references, annexes, and tables.

C.  Research pages are numbered sequentially, including tables, shapes, and references. Tables, images, shapes, and pictures are printed on separate pages, while specifying where they appear in the body text.

D.  Two summaries in Arabic and English are attached with all the research papers. They must be no longer than 200 words.

E. All references, comments and margins are referred to at the end of the research. When quoting directly, the title of the book, the author's name, and the specific page are all referred to. These referrals, comments, and margins are sequentially arranged from the beginning of the research to the end, and are written in an automatic rather than manual manner.

F. The sources and references are presented at the end of the research. They must be sorted alphabetically by the full name of the author, followed by the title of the book or article, then the edition number,  then the name of the publisher (if it is a book book), and the name of the magazine (if it is an article). In the case of an article, the magazine number or the year of its publishing is added, in addition to the issue number, and page numbers.

G. The researcher is provided with five copies of the issue in which his research was published.


The materials submitted for publishing reflect the opinions of their authors. The authors are deemed responsible for the soundness and accuracy of the information and conclusions in the research. All copyrights are reserved to the publisher (UQU). Once the the research is accepted for publishing, ownership of the publication is transferred from the author to the magazine.

Invitation to publish

  • The Journal welcomes all researchers in the scientific and research fields it is concerned with. It invites them to make a distinctive contribution to the production of linguistic and literary knowledge in all its forms and trends as well as develop linguistic and literary research in line with the objectives of the university and its mission and vision, and with the ambitions of the members of the supervisory board, the editorial board, and the advisory body.

Contacting the journal

All works and inquiries should be sent directly to the editor of Umm Al-Qura Journal for Language Sciences and Literature at ([email protected])

Or to the management of the University’s Journal at ([email protected])


Coordination of subscriptions is done with the Management of Scientific Journals at the University.

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