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Rules of Publishing in Umm Al-Qura University Journal

- 2019/10/15

** Last update: 16 Safar, 1441 A.H. / 15 October 2019 A.C.

Publishing Rules

Materials presented for publishing in the UQU Journal of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies are accepted according to the following rules:

  1. The author of the research must submit the scientific material via the journal website on the (research publishing form). He should log into the page of Umm Al-Qura University, click on "Research and Innovation", and then on "Scientific Journals", followed by "Journal of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies". Next, he should select "Research publishing form" and fill in the form with the required information and research attachments, or log into the "research publishing form" from here.
  2. Research should be written in a Microsoft Word document in Traditional Arabic font size 16, with (1.5) line spacing, and printed on only one side of the page. Research should not exceed 50 pages, including the references, appendices, and tables, with a margin of (2.5) cm as a minimum, for both the top, bottom and sides of the page.
  3. Research pages should be serially numbered, including tables, shapes, images, and references.
  4. The researcher should present, discuss and criticize the previous studies, and also mention the points distinguishing his research from the other research papers.
  5. The research references should be translated into English.
  6. All research should be presented with two abstracts in the body of the research, one in Arabic and one in English, not exceeding 200 (two hundred) words. The subject of the research is written in English with only the English abstract page.
  7. All references, comments, and footnotes should be mentioned at the end of the research, and not at the end of every page, by referring to the book title, the author's name, and the page, for direct quotations. These references, comments, and footnotes should be serially arranged from the beginning of the research till the end, and should be written automatically, not manually.
  8. Sources and references should be written at the end of the research. They should be arranged alphabetically according to the author's full name, followed by the book or article title, the edition number, the publisher's name (if it is a book) or the journal's name (if it is an article), place of publication (if it is a book), and publishing date. If it is an article, then the issue number should be added, or the year, the issue, and the page numbers.
  9. The researcher is given two electronic copies of the issue that includes his research.
  10. If a research paper is rejected, it will not be returned to its owner, and the journal is not obliged to give reasons why it was rejected.


Published materials express the opinions of the authors. Authors are responsible for the soundness of information and the accuracy of the conclusions. All copyright is reserved for the publisher (UQU). Once a research paper has been approved for publication, publication ownership is transferred from the author to the journal.

Invitation to Publish

The journal welcomes submissions from all scientific researchers whose research fields fall within its area of interest. It invites them to make a distinctive contribution to the production of knowledge in all its forms and trends. It also invites them to the development of research in line with current developments and technical progress, and in line with the university's objectives, mission, and vision, as well as the ambitions of the members of the editorial board and the advisory board.

How to Contact the Journal

All materials and enquiries are to be sent directly to the UQU Journal of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies' editor in chief via the e-mail: ([email protected]), or to the University Journals Office at the e-mail: ([email protected]).