Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Mission and Goals

- 2018/10/28


The department is concerned with offering academic and professional programs that develop historical and cultural studies; revive Islamic heritage; and highlight Islamic achievements in the fields of industry, construction, politics, economy, education, administration, and other aspects of life, in which Muslims made great milestones that attested to their contributions of development and progress.



  • To generate qualified Islamic history teachers to work at education sector and other state institutions;
  • To cover the shortage of faculty members specialized in Islamic history and culture;
  • To boost Islamic knowledge through keeping abreast of the latest national, regional, and international developments, Islamic history and keeping up with scientific developments and latest technologies;
  • To provide students of different academic stages with the knowledge, skills, capabilities necessary to get thorough understanding of Islamic history and its development in KSA, Arab world, and across the globe;
  • To apply quality standards and get national and international academic accreditation;
  • To support scientific production, research, and other scientific activities of faculty members and students, and cooperate with national and international professional institutions;
  • To encourage students and faculty members to participate in scientific, cultural and professional conferences and symposia in and our KSA;
  • To encourage and support extra-curricular activities and activate field trips.