Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Standards of Thesis Printing and Layout

- 2018/02/01

Standards of Thesis Printing and Layout

Page dimensions

A4 (21cm x 29.6cm)

The dimensions for printing the body on the page

6.15cm x 23cm

Page numbering

1cm away from the space allocated for the body, at the bottom of the page, which is at 25.6cm

The space surrounding the body

From the right: 3.5cm
From the left: 2.5cm
From the top: 3cm.
From the bottom: 2Cm to the numbering space.

Average lines per page

Preferably 22 lines in each page and 11 words in each line.

Body font

IBM – 14 – 16

Margin font

IBM – 12

Font type

Naskh or any font for regular printing is preferred. Verses from Qur’an should be in the Othmani font, except in the case of proofreading. 


Titles should be in bold.

Spacing between lines

24 for the body / 18 for margins.

Spacing between paragraphs

4 for the body only.

Thesis abstract

An abstract of the thesis should be only page in English and Arabic, and should not exceed 250 words. It must include:
The title of the thesis, name of researcher, his/her degree, the idea of the thesis, the objective of the study, its subject, its sections, and its most important results and recommendations. This abstract reveals the reality of the subject of the thesis, which is then referred to the Council of the University, with a photocopy of it attached to the rest of the copies.

Deletion and modification

Handwritten deletion or modification of the thesis is not accepted.

Number of pages

The number of each part of the thesis should not exceed 500 pages.


The thesis should include indexes for the subjects and references.

Thesis binding

Theses should come with fancy binding, with PhD theses being in black, and Masters in green.

Page title

The following details should be written on the “title” page along the footer of the thesis:
  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Education, Umm Al-Qura University, College of... Department of... At the top right side of the paper, the title of the thesis is written - in the wording approved by the board of the Deanship of Graduate Studies - Type of the degree: -PhD or Masters.

-The student’s full name.

-University ID number.

-The name of the supervisor and his scientific degree.

-Numbering of parts (if the thesis was divided into more than one part).

-Academic year.