Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Plan to Establish Students’ Activities Club

- 2016/04/26


The club is made up of a group of standing committees. Each committee is assigned the name of the academic department to which it belongs. Thus, the total number of committees now is 3:

  1. Laboratory Medicine Committee
  2. Clinical Nutrition Committee
  3. Physiotherapy Committee

Each committee includes a number of subcommittees that are decided by the department’s committee head. Departments may collaborate in setting up joint committees such as the cultural and the artistic ones.


Raising the status of the College of Applied Sciences- Umm al-Qura University among the KSA universities.


Developing, exploring and making use of the students’ skills in different activities.


  1. Developing individual skills
  2. Discovering skills and talents
  3. Exchanging experience between departments
  4. Cooperation between departments
  5. Highlighting the college activities

Tasks carried out by committees:

Cultural Committee:

  • Organizing cultural competitions for students of the same department, and among students of different departments

  • Launching cultural awareness campaigns inside the campus or at schools and malls.   

Artistic Committee:

  • Organizing artistic competitions so that female students can show their talents

  • Discovering and developing talents
  • Holding exhibitions

Media Committee:

  • Publishing breaking news on the social media pages (journalism unit)

  • Preparing advertisements (advertising unit)
  • Holding competitions inside or outside campus (public relations unit)

Social Committee:

  • Undertaking volunteer work

  • Arranging scientific trips
  • Arranging visits to orphanages and the eldercare houses
  • Organizing graduation parties
  • Celebrating such events as:
  • Arranging trips for entertainment


  1. Students should join the committees that match their interests.
  2. Committee members should then elect a committee head.

Election method:

Elections are held, and students as well as professors are allowed to vote.

Tasks jointly carried out by committees:

  1. Running a unit for cost assessment and calculation in case there are works that require financial support

  2. Arranging and coordinating work among committee members

Tasks carried out by committee members:

  1. Performing their tasks fully and effectively

  2. Electing a committee head
  3. Creativity and thinking up innovative ideas

The committee’s objectives after the first year:

  1. Launching at least two awareness campaigns

  2. Arranging graduation parties
  3. Celebrating at least two events
  4. Organizing competitions inside and outside campus
  5. Arranging for two volunteer works at least
  6. Arranging at least two visits to orphanages or eldercare houses
  7. Planning a scientific trip


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