Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Pharmacy College Wins 2nd and 5th Places in the 8th UQU Student Forum

The UQU College of Pharmacy has won the 2nd place in student research papers, and the 5th place in innovation, at the 8th UQU Student Forum.

The paper that won the 2nd Place Award for Student Research Papers, is titled: "Making Gel Slices out of Polyvinyl Alcohol and Corn Starch Loaded with Silver Nanoparticles and Basil Extract." The paper was prepared by: 

- Fatema A. Hazzazi

- Al-Jawhara A. al-Zaydi

- Anan A. Fatani

- Shahad K. Babaqi

- Nada M. al-Qarehi 

- Maram T. Kefia

The paper was prepared under the supervision of the faculty members of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, especially Prof. Mariam Mejli and Prof. Eram Shermine.

The objective of the paper is to improve the quality of manufacturing textile out of polyvinyl alcohol, in a safe and easy way, by adding substances that are easy to decompose in the soil. By doing so, the compound would be an environment component, and safe for human use. It could be used, also, as an antiseptic for wounds, as it prevents the penetration of microbes, and accelerates healing of wounds. 

Additionally, the College won the 5th Place Award for Innovation. Student Raheeq al-Qerash won the award for her innovative work: "The Lost Energy". This work has to do with energy in general, and the thermal energy in particular.

The idea is inspired from the fact that heat is generated from sitting for long periods. Raheeq's work is an attempt to utilize this heath by designing a device to convert the thermal into electric energy, sufficient to light a lamp.

While highly appreciating the generous support from the UQU President, Dr. Bakri Assas, the College of Pharmacy would like to extend sincere thanks to Prof. Mariam Majli, the College's coordinator in the 8th Student forum, for her colossal efforts in the coordination and organization of the College's participation in the Forum.