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Development Deanship Quality Experts Committee Visits Arabic Institute

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- 2017/04/19

The Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers received the Quality Experts Committee, the Deanship of University Development, on Wednesday 22nd Rajab 1438H.

The meeting was in the presence of Dr. Muhammad Al-Thubeiti (Vice-Dean of the Institute), Prof. Dr. Salih Al-Mab'outh (Head of the Preparation of Teachers Department), Dr. Aref Al-Usaimy (Head of the Department of Arabic Language Teaching), as well as a group of the Institute's staff members. The meetings also included students and staff members.

The closing session of the quality experts was held in the office of the Institute's Dean.

The final recommendations of the Deanship of University Development concerning the Department of Arabic Language Teaching included that the Department enjoyed good teacher-student relations. In addition, the experts commended the program of the Preparation of Teachers Department as one of the best Islamic education and culture programs, and because the Department's management and professors were commended by students. Besides, experts stressed necessity for a special room for the preservation of quality documents.

The experts thanked the Institute for its great performance in teaching Muslims the Arabic language. On the other hand, the Vice-Dean of the Institute and the heads of its two departments thanked the experts for their appreciated effort, assessment and significant recommendations.

The meeting concluded with Dr. Al-Thubeiti thanking and commending the visit, noting that the Institute and the Development Deanship had one hand in improving the educational process.