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Schedule of Oral Exam for Students Who Passed the Written Exam

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Added on - 2017/03/28  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/03/28

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies would like to extend sincere congratulations to students (males and females) who passed the written exam qualifying for the postgraduate studies for the academic year 1438\1439H. The Deanship has announced the oral exam schedule for students meeting all the requirements thereof. Students who fail to meet any of the preset admission requirements shall not be allowed in the exam, regardless of the result of the written exam.Those students shall be held responsible for non-complying with the applicable laws, regulations and instructions. 

Students nominated for the oral exam are encouraged to show up half an hour before the exam. They must bring with them the following documents, without which they shall not be able to take the exam:

  1. Origin and copy of the national ID (or passport; Family Card shall not be accepted)
  2. Signed copy of the graduation certificate
  3. Signed origin and copy of the transcript
  4. Statement signed by the department, certifying that the applicant has good chance for graduation (for yet-to-graduate UQU students)
  5. Transcript (for yet-to-graduate UQU students)
  6. An evidence that the applicant has passed the General Aptitude Test (GAT), and English test

*  To view schedules and venues of the oral exams, click here.

* To view names of students who passed the written exam, click on the relevant level: postgraduate diploma, MA, PhD.

Good Luck!