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Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences Organizes an Osteoporosis Event Under the Theme:

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Added on - 2016/03/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/03/24

In an endeavor to activate the university role in the field of community service, and to provide health awareness for community members,  the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Umm Al-Qura University has  participated in the events of the World Osteoporosis Day by organizing an event under the theme: "Your Care Protects Your Bones", at Al-Diyafa Market in Makkah, on Thursday 23rd of JumadaI 1437H.  

On his part, the dean of the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Ahmad Mohamad Ashshi, explained that the participation of the faculty in these events aims at introducing  osteoporosis in order to curb its spread, besides providing medical and nutritional awareness about the disease, and the importance of changing everyday life behavior to reduce its high incident rates, as well as how to deal with the disease and its complications. He added that  providing training for faculty students and activating their national and professional role to serve the community and upgrade its health level, have been set at the top of the participation objectives.   

Dr. Ashshi went on saying that the participation included measuring bone density using Speed of Sound (SOS) device and physical measurements, besides measuring body fat percentage, conducting a questionnaire to gauge factors leading to prevalence of osteoporosis in Makkah community including  lifestyle pattern, body composition of fat, medicines, soft drinks and smoking, as well as the directed awareness based on diagnosis and study of life pattern for a selected sample of the market visitors from both sexes. He added that based on these tests and information, the students have provided health and national guidance for the visitors using leaflets, brochures, posters and fliers), the matter which has had a positive impact amongst community members visiting the market.     

As part of the faculty administration keenness, a delegation including the faculty dean, Dr. Ahmad Mohamad Ashshi, members of the community service unit, in the faculty and members of  the Department of Physical Therapy and Clinical Nutrition, and Department of Laboratory Medicine and Department of Clinical Technology, have attended the event and interacted with the students and the visitors of the market, the matter which has had a positive impact on the success of this event.
At the conclusion, a prize drawing  was conducted for the visitors of the market by Novalac Company for children's milk, together with a recreational program. 
This step comes to highlight the role of the university and the faculty of applied medical sciences in serving the community in the medical and health aspects.