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Umm Al-Qura University

The College of Pharmacy Wins Three Awards in DUPHAT 2017 Conference in Dubai

The College of Pharmacy won three awards for the best research posters in its participation in DUPHAT 2017 – Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition. Three of the researches submitted by the College’s students won the awards as follows:

The 2nd position, the research entitled:

Identifying facilitators and barriers for scientific writing among pharmacy students in College of Pharmacy- UQU- a qualitative study.

Under the supervision of Dr. Maged Ali, the member staff in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. This research was prepared in cooperation between:

The student: Abdul Mageed Al-Mehmadi

The student: Fahd Al-Khuzaai

The student: Maged Nahari

The student: Adel Sahli

The student: Moroj Al-Maolid

The 4th position, the research entitled:

Methodological reporting of randomized clinical trials of sodium glucose   contrasporter-2 Inhibitors  according to CONSORT2010 statement.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Essam Al-Rijal, the member staff in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. This research was prepared in cooperation between:

The student: Lena Mohammed Al-Dawood

The student: Hadil Morji Al-Fahmi

The 8th position, the research entitled:

Anti-breast Cancer Clonogenic, Migrational and Combinational Study of a Novel Thymoquinone Derivative.

Under the supervision of Dr. Ashraf Nabil, the member staff in the Department of Drugs and Poisons. This research was prepared in cooperation between:

The student: Youssef Khan

The student: Bassam Al-Zahrani

The student: Nasser Al-Harbi

The student: Ahmed Wan

The student: Abdul Mageed Al-Khiami

This annual conference is considered a chance for the pharmacy students and the staff members to interact and share innovative information related to the diversified characteristics of pharmacy sciences and pharmaceuticals sector with attendees, scientists, healthcare workers and the academic attendees from other universities. In addition, they could know about the latest approaches and technologies beside the intense communication throughout the period of the conference.

The total participations was about 16 research posters. In addition, there were two participations in the scientific program of the conference in the field of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals and the science of Medicines and Poisons. This will have a positive impact where it demonstrates the academic and research level of the College and its excellence in scientific research.

It is noteworthy that this scientific conference is presented by a number of officials and representatives of associations and organizations of pharmacy sector worldwide.

The College participation was made thanks to Allah then the limitless support of Dr. Bakri bin Maatooq Assas, the University President, for the College and all its scientific and research activities.