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Pharmacy College Participates in Pharmaceutical Care Awareness Exhibition at Maternity Hospital

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Added on - 2017/02/15  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/02/15

The College of Pharmacy participated in the awareness educational exhibition in the domain of pharmaceutical care at the main hall of Makkah Maternity & Children Hospital headquarters, on Tuesday 14th February 2017.

The exhibition aimed to spread awareness and build the community background of knowledge and education on a number of common diseases participated with by the College of Pharmacy. Such diseases included anemia, high blood pressure and lupus. The awareness also included the pharmaceutical prohibitions during pregnancy and lactation, as well as the proper-use instructions for medicines' storage.  

In this context, the contents of the exhibition were reviewed. It included distributing awareness-raising brochures and asking a number of awareness educational questions which accompanied such exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition witnessed turnout by all segments of society, along with the presence of a number of pharmacy managers at Mecca hospitals.

On the other hand, the participation of the College came within its activities in the domain of community service. It culminated the support from Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) administration represented by UQU President, who encouraged, supported and tracked such effective participations.

During the event, Dr. Anas bin Abdulhameed Sadayo, Manager of Makkah Maternity & Children Hospital, awarded Dr. Ahmad bin Omar Ba-Balghaith, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, a memorial shield as a recognition of the distinctive role played by the College of Pharmacy in community service and awareness culture spread. In this context, the College participated in the exhibition with a delegation which comprised the following staff members and students: 

Female Staff Members:

Prof. Dr. Nahla Barakat.

Dr. Sahar Al-Ashmouny

Dr. Iman Bishr

Dr. Nashwa Ibrahim

Dr. Abeer Samir

Dr. Hanan Abdulmon'em

Dr. Amal Yusuf

Dr. Jihan Fathi

Dr. Shaimaa Mahmoud


Male Staff Members:

Dr. Ihab Talaat

Dr. Ahmad Jouda

Dr. Khalid Atallah

Dr. Sharaf

Dr. Muhammad Medhat

Dr. Abdulhaseeb

Dr. Muhammad Al-Arjah

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim


Male Pharmacy Students:

Fahd Al-Muhajeri.

Marwan Al-Luhaiby

Abdurrahman Melibary

Muhammad Mashaal Al-Sharif

Enad Safar Muhammad Al-Maliki

Ahmad Al-Udwany

Usama Al-Zahrani

Female Pharmacy Students:

Hadeel Hisham.

Batoul Taj

Atheer An-Nufai'y

Asmaa Mousa Al-Mowalad

Ghaidaa Ali Al-Hazimi

Afnan Owaidah Al-Shamrani

Lujain Muhammad Al-Matrifi

Sarah Attyiah Al-Harithi

Lama Salih Al-Ahmadi

Manar Salah Ba-Dawa

Ghaidaa Salama Al-Hazimi

Amjaad Abdullah Al-Bishy

Khawlah Saad Al-Maqaty

Samaher Abdurrahman Falatah