Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College of Shari`ah Launches the ‘Fiqhi Guide to Deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic’ Application

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- 2020/05/08

Out of its keenness to raise awareness among the community about the coronavirus pandemic, the College of Shari`ah has launched the application entitled, ‘Fiqhi Guide to Deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic’, in cooperation with the Sacred City Glorification Project, and was prepared by the postgraduate female students.

The Fiqhi Guide issues relating to coronavirus were collected by a team of volunteers from among the female researchers in postgraduate studies in the Fiqh specialization at the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies. The team included twenty researchers who worked under the auspices of the female academic staff members at the Department of Shari`ah. They gathered the viewpoints of scholars and those specialized in Fiqhi issues relating to the coronavirus pandemic. They collected more than 75 issues about the Fiqhi dealing with epidemic diseases.

To view the Fiqhi Guide, please click here.