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Pharmacy College Announces Schedule of Written Exam for Applicants for Lab Technician Job

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Added on - 2017/02/13  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/02/25

The UQU College of Pharmacy hereby announces the schedule of the written exam for applicants for "Lab Technician" job. It will be held on Monday, Jumada I 23, 1438H, at 05.00PM.

  • Male applicants will take the exam in the college premises in Al-Abdiyah Campus.
  • Female applicants will take the exam in the premises of the College of Medicine in Al-Abdiyay Campus.

Names of applicants to "Lab Technician" job in the UQU College of Pharmacy:


Important Instructions

All applicants to the written exam qualifying for "Lab Technician" and "Lab Rapporteur" jobs are required to read the following instructions thoroughly, and abide by them:

  1. The applicant must bring their National ID, without which they wouldn't be allowed in the exam room.
  2. Cell phones are not allowed in the exam room, and the college shall not be held liable for the loss of examinees' cell-phones.
  3. No applicant shall be allowed in the exam room 15 minutes after the start of the exam.
  4. The exam will be made up of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), so please bring with you pencil, a rubber, and a calculator.
  5. The exam duration is one hour, and it is allowed to leave after half of the time.
  6. Applicants must show up well before the exam so that they could check their places, given the large number of applicants.
  7. Applicant must sign in the attendance sheet before and after the exam.
  8. The results will be declared on the college website within 48 hours from the exam.
  9. Those who pass the written the exam will have to go through an interview, to be held on Monday, Jumada I 30, 1438H.
  10. Applicants must get a minimum of 60% of the total score to pass.

Thank you, and good luck!