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Ceremony Launching the ‘Library Friends and Reading Club’

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- 2020/02/24

The ceremony launching the ‘Library Friends and Reading Club’ was held at King Abdullah Grand Hall at the Deanship of Library Affairs. This took place in the presence of His Excellency the Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Muhammad bin Mubarak Al-Lihaibi, and His Excellency the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Activities and Student Training, Dr. Yassir bin Abdulaziz Al-Hazimi.

The establishment of this club came as an initiative from the Deanship of Library Affairs with the aim of establishing a cultural club to encourage students to visit the library and to instill a love of reading in them. Within the same vein, the Deanship of Student Affairs welcomed the establishment of the club, which is affiliated to the Deanship like all the clubs in the university.

The launching ceremony started with verses from the eternal Book of Allah, from Surah Al-`Alaq (The Clot): “Read (Prophet Muhammad) in the Name of your Lord Who created, Created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood). Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous. Who has taught (writing) by the pen, Taught the human what he did not know." [Al-`Alaq: 1–5]. Allah has spoken the truth. These verses indicate the importance of science and reading.

Next, the Dean of Library Affairs delivered a speech in which he explained the role of the university in attaching the needed concern and care to the students, and that the Deanship of Library Affairs provides the needed and comfortable areas for reading, internet labs, the facility of borrowing books and accessing the library website to review the digital books, and other services. He praised the attention given by the UQU President in providing the proper educational environment for students, and appreciated those who were in charge of the launching ceremony.

He was followed by the Vice Dean for Activities and Student Training, who spoke about the role of the deanship in assisting the students and developing their hobbies by establishing cultural and educational clubs to meet their needs, and by supporting students programs offered by these clubs. This is in line with the directives of the UQU President due to his keenness in making students practice their preferred hobbies.

Next, the student Ammar Barnawi, the Head of the Library Friends and Reading Club, delivered nice words expressing the spirit of the youth, giving optimism for the future and the security of the nation and accepting the challenge to spread the culture of reading and visiting libraries. He also appreciated the services provided by the Deanship of Library Affairs and the Deanship of Student Affairs for his fellow students, which help in achieving success, with Allah's guidance.

At the end of the event, the Advisor to the Library Friends and Reading Club, Mr. Abdullah Al-Sulaimani, gave a presentation to the audience about the services provided by the library, in addition to the objectives of the club and the programs which will be achieved by the club during the current semester. A link will be placed on the library website about the Library Friends and Reading Club, an introduction about the club members, dates of the activities and programs, in addition to a form for those who want to join the club, wishing success for everyone.

After that, the members of the club handed out appreciation plaques to the Dean of Library Affairs and the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Activities and Student Training for their directives which contributed to the launching of the club.