Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Charity Funds Board of Trustees Holds 1st Meeting

- 2017/01/19

On Thursday, Rab. II 21, 1438H, the Board of Trustees of the UQU Charity Fund for Scholarship Student Support has held its first meeting at King Abdulaziz Historical Auditorium. During the meeting, the UQU President, Dr. Bakri M. Assas, was named Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Having recommended adoption of beneficial, fruitful programs and projects, the Board have lauded launch of the Fund. It followed that the members reviewed all the Fund's current programs.

It is noteworthy, Dr. Assas commenced the meeting by welcoming the Board members, and thanked them earnestly for accepting to take on such a responsibility. After that, they discussed all the programs to be catered for by the Fund to achieve its vision, mission and objectives.

It should be noted that members of the Board of Trustees are: Dr. Bakri M. Assas, UQU President (chairman), Dr. Saleh A. Hameed, Advisor at the Royal Diwan, Member of the Saudi Council of Senior Schoars and Imam of the Grand Mosque (member), Dr. Osama F. al-Bar, Secretary of the Holy City of Makkah (member), Eng. Omar A. Qadi, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Capitals (member), Dr. Hamad M. al-Ghammas, CEO of Al-Majd Channels (member), J. Nizar S. al-Shuaibi, judge at Makkah Court of Personal Status (member), Mr. Muhammad M. al-Harethi, Director General of Education in Makkah Region (member), Mr. Mansour S. Abou-Rayash (member), Dr. Fayez S. Jamal (member), and R. Adel A. Banaamah (member).