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Applied Medical Sciences Dean-Student Periodical Meeting

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Added on - 2016/12/14  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/12/14

The Dean of Applied Medical Sciences College met with his sons and daughters (i.e. Applied Medical Sciences students) at King Abdulaziz Historical Hall on Tuesday 14th Rabi’I 1438H.

Such periodical meeting came out of the Dean’s attention to listen, and find solutions, to the problems of his male and female students, and also to listen to their opinions about the development of the educational system at the College.  

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ayman Al-Sayegh, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Na’eem Questy, Head of the Laboratory Medicine Department, Dr. Bassel Al-Sherif, Head of Clinical Technology Department, and Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Head of Physiotherapy Department.

Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Eshi, Dean of the College, stressed the necessity of such meetings, as they basically represent and aim at the development of the educational system at the College. In other words, all development programs at modern institutions basically depended on the feedback given by beneficiaries of the provided services. Therefore, listening to opinions and suggestions of students in the educational process, as well as allowing them to participate in various college committees as active members, represented the cornerstone of future planning for the enhancement and development of the educational process.  

On the other hand, the attendees expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation for the efforts exerted by the College’s Administration for the service of students, periodical attention to their opinions, adoption of the open-door policy in communication with them, and removal of the obstacles in their way, in order to create a distinguished educational environment.