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Umm Al-Qura University

AI Female Students at “Adornment in my Country”

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- 2016/12/12

Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) was adorned on Wednesday 8th Rabi’I 1438H with the most beautiful decorations formed by the female students at the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-native Speakers in partnership with the Female Expatriates Club. The event, which was titled, “Adornment in my Country,” was based on the transfer of Asian, European and African heritage. Popular legacies in the event included varieties of dishes, clothing, and adornment. This formed a contract signed with joy and cooperation between the female students and their female professors. “Asia” was supervised by Dr. Haifaa Clinton, Dr. Hazima Siraj, and Prof. Sherihan Al-Thaqafy. Meanwhile, “Europe” was supervised by Dr. Amany Al-Hasan, Dr. Aisha Al-Mash’aby, and “Africa” by Dr. Ashwaq and Prof. Umm Sirr.     

The opinions of UQU female students and staff members about the corner varied among admiration, gratitude and love towards the Institute’s female students, due to their wonderful efforts to transfer honorable images of their countries. They wished that such event would be repeated, as it turned the heritage of different peoples into reality. 

The event was concluded with a smile of satisfaction drawn on the face of Dr. Samia Al-Raddady, Vice-Dean of the Institute, out of admiration for all who presented, supervised and implemented such activity, in order for it to come out very beautifully.