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The Interior Design Department Participates in the Events Commemorating the National Day under the Slogan "Determination Till the End"

Internal Contributions
Added on - 2019/10/10  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/10/10

On Sunday, 30 Muharram 1441 A.H., corresponding to 29 September 2019 A.C., the College of Designs celebrated the National Day. The Interior Design Department participated with its two divisions: Interior Design, and Printed Designs and Advertising, through the participation of many female students who volunteered to make designs and gifts out of love and loyalty to the homeland.

The ceremony was presented by the interior design student Samah Al-Ahdal. The students Sadim Al-Matrafi and Asma Al-Harbi from the Interior Design Division participated in the distribution of small flowers to the audience. Moreover, the student Ashwaq Al-Hallaf distributed souvenirs bearing the emblems of patriotism, the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Day. Under the supervision of Prof. Ashjan Halawani, the female students designed posters for the National Day, while other female students designed postcards and bookmarks to stimulate patriotism and encourage tourism in Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of Prof. Randa Baharith.

The students of the Printed Designs and Advertising Division participated with a painting consisting of cards designed with the emblem of the 89th National Day, under the supervision of Dr. Shaimaa Mahmoud Hasan. The students Dina Al-Sharif, Lina Jalal, and Shaimaa Al-Ahdal participated in giving the final touches to the painting. Dr. Najwa Abdul-Hamid held a workshop with the students of the two divisions to print the slogan, "Determination Till the End", on shirts, which the student Shahad Al-Salmi documented in a video clip. The student Aya Za`tari designed a photographic painting of the emblem of the National Day. There were other events that the students of the College of Designs rushed to participate in out of their appreciation of the homeland and their sincere desire to offer all they could of contributions.

The department, including its two divisions, offers its thanks to Prof. Maha Al-Qahmani and the students of the Department of Housing and Home Management for their outstanding efforts in organizing this celebration, and for giving us the opportunity to participate in this valuable event.