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Program Development Committee, Department of Physical Education Approved

Academic Affairs
Added on - 2016/11/24  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/24

The Department of Physical Education Council approved the formation of the academic Program Development Committee. The committee would comprise a distinguished group of staff members in various specializations. It would also involve subcommittees membered by all staff at the Department with the aim of studying and analyzing educational plans, as well as considering the necessary requirements for development in light of many standards that guaranteed the preparation of an educational program that kept pace with scientific modernity, community and labor market requirements, as well as quality and academic accreditation standards.  

The first phase of development included comprehensive analysis of the current educational plans’ components for a data base that allowed the comparison of educational programs with counter programs at the local, regional and international universities. The Program Development Committee resumed its work on a weekly basis for the second consecutive month.