Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Deanship of Faculty Members and Employees Affairs Holds the New Employees Preparation Program

The UQU Deanship of Faculty Members and Employees Affairs today, Thursday, 27 Sha`ban, 1440 A.H., held the "New Employees Preparation Program" in King Abdul-Aziz Historical Support Hall at the University City in Al-Abdiyyah. The program was held in the presence of its dean, Prof. Farid Al-Ghamdi, vice deans, and the directors of the departments as well as the new employees, in conjunction with a meeting at Jifali Hall in the female headquarters at Al-Zahir.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Farid Al-Ghamdi spoke about the most important pillars that the employee should follow in his career, and that the employee should set a goal for himself in seeking to develop his abilities and functional abilities, should work on diversifying his plans and creative ideas, and contribute to the advancement of work. He stressed the need for the employee to fear Allah in all tasks and duties assigned to him, and to also be fully aware of his job rights and duties that qualify him to be a creative element in the university. He referred to the new regulations developed in the civil service system, and the transformation to the King Salman Program for the Development of Human Resources, in line with the vision of the Saudi Kingdom of 2030 to fulfill the aspirations of the wise leadership (may Allah support them) and the Ministry of Education. He appreciated the support and concern of the UQU President Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail for all the programs and activities of the deanship.

After that, Dr. Mahmud Falatah, the vice dean, gave a presentation on the management of job performance. Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Sha`ir, Vice Dean for Data and Information Affairs, then gave a presentation on how the employee can benefit from electronic services. Dr. Bandar Al-Rabi`i, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, also spoke about the future professional development of the employees.

Following these talks, the Director of the Administrative Development Department, Dr. Waleed Simbawah, spoke about the department and its training courses and programs that contribute to the development of employee performance.

Furthermore, the Director of the Documents and Administrative Communication Center, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sulaimani, spoke about the role and importance of the center and of the Masar program, and how to deal with the program to keep and archive transactions.

At the end of the meeting, the Dean of Faculty Members and Employees Affairs honored the participants in the meeting.