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College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies Holds a Meeting between Its Graduate Female Students and Employers

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- 2019/04/09

The College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies, represented by the College Vice Deanship for Training and Community Service, in cooperation with the College of Da`wah and Fundamentals of Religion, held a meeting between the female graduates of the two colleges and employers. The employers were: (Medad Charity International, Es`ad Center, Hajar Meccan Waqf Foundation, Pearl and Coral Center for Teaching the Sunnah, Al-Shima Institute, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship). The meeting, which took place on Monday, 25 Rajab, 1440 A.H., in Al-Jafali (3) Hall, was part of the initiative "Be Happy".

The ceremony began at 10 a.m. with recitation of the Qur'an. Then followed a speech given by Her Excellency the Vice Dean of the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies for Training and Community Service, Dr. Maha bint Ghazai Al-Utaibi, who welcomed the attendees. She also explained that the meeting aims at connecting the university with the graduates, meeting with employers, achieving quality standards, introducing employers to college graduates, and measuring the degree of satisfaction of employers with the college graduates.

After that, the outside parties participating in the meeting presented their businesses. They explained the job opportunities and training they had, their contact addresses, and the services they offer to the female graduates. All of this was explained using visual presentations, and included some contributions from the female graduates. Next, the female graduate Shifaa Al-Umairi spoke about her struggles and her endeavors and efforts to develop herself by volunteering and attending different courses.

The ceremony concluded with a tour of the participating sections of the departments of the College of Shari`ah and the College of Da`wah:

  • Section of the Shari`ah Department
  • Section of the History Department
  • Section of the College of Da`wah
  • Section of the graduates Unit at the College of Shari`ah

Moreover, the participating parties were honored by Her Excellency, Dr. Maha Al-Utaibi, by being given certificates of thanks.

The event was attended by about 100 female graduates, 10 employers, and 17 academic staff members.

Furthermore, on Thursday, 28 Rajab, 1440 A.H., the college held a workshop on "Strategic Planning" with Dr. Aishah Falatah from the Educational Administration and Planning Department, at the Collage of Shari`ah Library, and was attended by 12 graduates. Also, the collage held a workshop entitled, "What Comes After Graduation", by the trainer Nouf Al-Harbi, at the Collage of Shari`ah Library, and was attended by 11 graduates.