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The College of Pharmacy Holds the Anti-Smoking Clinic at the University

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Added on - 2019/04/09  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/04/09

The Narcotics Control Committee at the university launched, in cooperation with the College of Pharmacy, the treatment services in the Anti-Smoking Clinic after providing the necessary medicine to help those who wish to stop smoking.

The Director of the Narcotics Control Committee, Dr. Mish`al Al-Sulami, praised the cooperation between the Committee and the College of Pharmacy, which aims to protect the health of the staff and students of the university from the damage of this serious scourge to public health.

His Excellency Dr. Faisal bin Ateeq Al-Malki, the Vice Dean of the College of Pharmacy, pointed out the importance of this clinic in helping smokers to start a new life without smoking, using medicines and therapeutic methods which are effective alternatives to nicotine.

His Excellency the Dean thanked the Director of the Narcotics Control Committee for this great initiative. He also thanked His Excellency the Vice Dean for Hospital Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Hifani, for the success of this initiative and for organizing the work in the clinic. In addition, His Excellency also thanked all the participants in the event, namely:

  • Dr. Adnan Al-Harbi
  • Dr. Fahd Al-Shihri
  • Dr. Yasir Al-Atwi
  • Dr. Alaa Al-Qahtani
  • Dr. Amal Al-Utaibi
  • Dr. Asmaa Al-Thubaiti
  • Dr. Safa Al-Marzouqi

Finally, we ask Allah to support us and grant us success in this blessed initiative. We ask Him to make this effort a reason to maintain the health of the staff and students of the university.