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College Dean Participates in Inauguration of “Continuing Medical Training and Education Unit”

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Added on - 2016/11/02  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/02

The UQU President, Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, inaugurated the Continuing Medical Training and Education Unit supervised by the Institute of Consultative Researches and Studies. Held at King Abdulaziz historical hall on Al-Abidiyah campus, the inauguration was attended by the Vice President for Businesses and Cognitive Innovation, Dr. Nabil bin Abdulqader Kushuk, the Vice President for Academic Development and Community Service, Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazi, the Deans of the medical colleges, and a number of hospitals’ officials and health practitioners.

The ceremony began with Qur’anic recitation, and then Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Sha’iri, the Dean of the Institute of Consultative Researches and Studies, gave a word in which he confirmed that he will continue planning and working so hard to build a leading university capable of competing other universities all over the world. He also stated that the institute carries a doubled responsibility as it is missioned to transform and apply technologies and knowledges sought by the developed world to build prosperous economy, and developed cognitive community that is able to carry out its missions and compete globally.

Moreover, Dr. Sha’iri indicated that the institute has already made a considerable progress in adopting the model of leading universities that play an active role in achieving comprehensive sustainable development. He also mentioned that what has been achieved, so far, by the university in supporting its initiatives to make a national transformation is considered a clear evidence for its success in that regard. 

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Sha’iri denoted that the UQU’s contribution to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 will always be the ultimate objective, for which the Continuing Medical Training and Education Unit is being inaugurated now. And he added, “the vision focuses on three axes which are the comprehensive sustainable development pillars; on top of which comes the social pillar that entitles: building vibrant cognitive society with well-embedded values, rich environment and durable construction.  

On his part, the Dean of the College of Nursery and Supervisor of the Continuing Medical Training and Education Unit, Dr. Ayman Al-Jawhari, said, “The health sector is witnessing a great renaissance through the current expansion of public and private hospitals, along with the attention paid to the primary medical centers and specialized hospitals that recruit qualified and specialized human calibers”. And he added, “Training is indispensable for any governmental organization, let alone the health sectors that are concerned with people’s souls. Therefore, there is a necessity to maintain those acquired gains through the provision of continuing medical training and education to the calibers who assiduously serve the health sector”.

Over and above, Dr. Al-Jawhari confirmed that the initiative of the UQU Institute of Consultative Researches and Studies to establish the Continuing Medical Training and Education Unit in which 9 health colleges have participated from different specialties, such as: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Nursing and Public Health, is a great step to have a distinct, leading center for continuing medical training and education that helps in keeping the health sectors’ employees always updated on the latest health-related information and knowledges, along with building their capacity to enable them to perform their roles efficiently, and replacing any negative convictions they might have with positive ones, such as: initiation, ambition, and innovation.

Besides, Dr. Al-Jawhari pointed out that the Saudi Authority for Health Specialties has decreed a number of taxonomic exams for the employees in the health sector; which are exams obliged by the Saudi Authorities in concern as one of the main responsibilities of the Primary Authority, with the aim of ensuring the minimum limit of clinical and theoretical skills of those who deal with the patients at any Saudi health institution, so as to guarantee –God willing- the reduction of medical errors, and maintain the patients’ safety. Additionally, he stated that many graduates from both the public and the private medical colleges cannot pass the Authority’s professional classification exams, therefore, the provision of rehabilitation and comprehensive training programs in this field for that target group, was one of the main objectives of the Continuing Medical Training and Education Unit, for the sake of building their capacity, developing their skills and filling their cognitive gap.

In the same regard, Dr. Assas confirmed that the inauguration of the Unit comes as a response to the increasing demand for medical rehabilitation programs in the fields of training, and the fact that UQU has high-qualified calibers, the latest technologies, and the most advanced laboratories in the field of medical education and training which meet the international standards and specifications; due to which the UQU entire medical colleges have succeeded in obtaining the international accreditation. Further, he stressed that these technologies and facilities should be utilized in serving and building this great nation.

Also, Dr. Assas praised the unlimited support received by UQU from the leader of this blessed land, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin abdulaziz, the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, HRH Prince Muhammad bin Naif, the Deputy Crown Prince, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, HRH Prince Muhammad bin Salman –May Allah protect them. Thanks to this support, the university achieved distinction in many fields; on top of which was the scientific research field which resulted in a number of patents that were transformed into products under the title “Made in Makkah”, and were benefited from at both the local and the Gulf levels.

Likewise, Dr. Assas praised the follow-up of the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed Al-Eissa, whom has had a positive impact on the educational process. He also extended thanks to the UQU Vice President for Businesses and Cognitive Innovation, Dr. Nabil bin Abdulqader Kushuk, and his team, for their distinction in plenty of fields. Last but not least, Dr. Assas extended his thanks to the Dean of the Institute of Consultative Researches and Studies, Dr. Ali Al-Sha’iri and his team for establishing the Unit in collaboration with the UQU medical colleges.

It is noteworthy that the Dean of the College of Medical Applied Sciences, Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Ashie, participated in the inauguration ceremony to confirm the active role of the college in raising the occupational efficiency of the health practitioners, and activate the cooperation agreement between the college and the Institute of Consultative Researches and Studies which is expected to witness many events and training courses during the coming period.