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Third Phase of Introducing and Updating the Postgraduate Studies Program for the Academic Year 1440-1441 A.H.: Authentication and Accreditation

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Added on - 2019/03/19  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/04/08

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies congratulates the science departments in the colleges and institutes whose academic programs have been accepted, and urges the heads of the concerned departments to quickly upload the requirements needed to approve the program academically, as follows:

  1. Department council report along with the approval of the Dean of the College.
  2. College council report along with the approval of His Excellency the President of the University.
  3. A copy of the functional classification of the program (if any).
  4. Postgraduate Studies Program Presentation Model. To download, please click here.

The deadline for uploading files will be on Thursday, 13 Sha`ban, 1440 A.H., corresponding to 18 April, 2019 A.C. To upload files, please click here.

** To learn about the academically accepted programs, the head of the department should log into his personal account at Umm Al-Qura University, click on the "e-services" button, click on "e-workflow", and finally click on the "accepted programs" button.


Please do not add the program which has been academically accepted in the department and college councils, if it has already been added during the preparation and examination phases.