Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Department of Physics Runs an Introductory Campaign for the Female Students on the University Role Model Contest

- 2018/11/29

As part of the preparations for the University Role Model Contest, the Physics Department at the College of Applied Sciences, female section, ran an introductory campaign for the female students to introduce the contest and the criteria required for submission. The campaign was run under the supervision of Ms. Fadia Abdul-Aziz Ibrahim, the Department's coordinator of the contest. Her Excellency coordinated the campaign with the students of the Department to answer the various questions of the students about the contest.

The campaign entailed several sections, including the idea of the contest, its aim, and its association with the strategy of building the human as well as developing his surroundings, all under the slogan, 'How to be a Role Model'. In addition, it created a competitive environment among the students to encourage creativity and spread the culture of being a role model in the university. This is important to enhance their self-confidence.

The three phases of the contest, the requirements of each stage, the criteria for selection at each stage, and the required files were explained in an atmosphere of joy and fun.

The participation and responsiveness of the students to the campaign was enthusiastic and encouraging, and the competitiveness between them was great. Envelopes were distributed with simple motivational phrases and gifts to increase their enthusiasm and competitiveness.