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A New Research Achievement at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

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Added on - 2016/10/03  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/10/03

As a breakthrough in scientific research at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, a team of researchers at the Department of Laboratory Medicine succeeded in publishing a scientific research published in the international scientific journal (Journal of Transitional Medicine) in the issue of September 2016 with a 3.7 impact factor, published in the scientific site (PubMed), entitled "The possible effects of vitamin D and the black seed as a remedy to remove cirrhosis: readings in cirrhosis resulting from carbon Tetra chloride".

The team of researchers consisted of: Dr. Abdul Ghani Hassan, Dr. Mohammed Basalama, Prof. Jawad Mushtaq, Prof. Shaker Idris and Dr. Bassem Refaat, faculty staff members of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, with special thanks to Dr. Adel Al-Shimi for his participation in the preparation of the patients’ model.

This research is the first of its kind in the world to use vitamin D and the black seed together to double the impact of removing cirrhosis in rats infected with cystic fibrosis, due to injecting them with carbon composite quaternary chloride, since previous research used individual compounds and proven the ability of each of them to stop cirrhosis and not remove it.

It is known that cirrhosis is a global problem, and it may be a result of hepatic viral infections, alcoholism, or as a complication of some drugs, and often leads to liver failure and tumors that often ends in death. Also, vitamin D and the black seed reverse the effect of cystic fibrosis, by stopping cirrhosis, hence preventing deterioration.

And the study showed that both of the two compounds individually has an anti- fibrosis effect, as it leads to stopping cystic fibrosis degree and the liver deterioration, but using both compounds together has a stunning effect, as it leads to breaking up the existing fibrosis, and restoring a large portion of liver functions and recover a reasonable part of the natural structure of the liver.

Links to the scientific paper:

The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Achi stressed the importance of scientific research and its great development in the Faculty, and the importance of publishing it in international scientific journals, which has a strong impact on UQU and Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences’ advancement. Thanks to UQU President, Dr. Bakry bin Maatouq Assas for his continuous support and motivation for scientific research in the Faculty, and publication in scientific journals.