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Orientation for new students, College of Applied Medical Sciences

Added on - 2016/10/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/10/01

The deanship of the College of Applied Medical Sciences for Academic Affairs held an orientation day for new students at the College for the academic year 1437 – 1438, on Thursday 28/12/1437 at King Abdulaziz Historical Hall, Secondary Hall (1).

At the beginning of the orientation day, students toured various departments and laboratories of the College and they listened to a brief summary of the existing facilities of the College laboratories and departments, then they headed to the Secondary Hall (1) at King Abdulaziz Historic Hall to meet with officials of the College of Applied Medical Sciences.

The Orientation Day included a meeting with Dean Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Achi, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ayman Al-Sayegh,  Dr. Naim Qusti, Head of Laboratory Department, Dr. Bassem Hassan El-Sherif, Head of Clinical Technology Department and Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim, Head of Physical Therapy Department.

In his speech, the Dean welcomed the newcomer students as new members of the College family, wishing them success during their period of study at the College and urged them to make the effort and sweat during their studies to ensure their academic achievement and their success.

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Ayman al Sayegh gave a lecture entitled "rights and duties of the student", during which he reviewed the College study and exams regulations, contributing to increasing students' awareness of their rights and duties during their years in the College.

Then the heads of departments, Dr Naim Qusti, head of Medical Labs, Dr.  Bassem El-Sherif, Head of Clinical Technology Department, Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim, head of the Department of Physical Therapy gave a brief summary of study plans and the nature of study at the different departments, output and labour market needs of their departments.  The officials listened to the student's questions, and answered them to clarify any questions they have.   At the end of the meeting, the newcomers were introduced to activities and events at the College's Student Club, and they were urged to join and participate in the Club.