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A Course on: Preparing Administrative Reports and Writing Letters, for UQU Female Employees

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- 2018/10/25

In the frame of the courses in the training program 'You are an Innovator', the Vice-Deanship of the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies for Training and Community Service held a course entitled, 'Skills of Writing Letters and Reports', on Wednesday 16 Safar, 1440 AH at the College library. The course was delivered by the assistant professor at the history department, Dr. Amal Al-Thubaity, to UQU female employees. A large number of female employees from different departments joined the course.

Dr. Amal began the course with an introduction about the concept and purpose of any report. She defined it as a written document that conveys information and displays facts. She mentioned the different types of reports: administrative, scientific, medical, technical, etc. She also pointed out the detailed goals of the course.

She then explained in detail the concept, characteristics and types of administrative reports, and the characteristics of good report documents. She also mentioned the rules of the writing style for reports and illustrated the proper format for writing letters.

Moreover, the course included certain activities and training that Dr. Amal prepared for the female employees, who thanked her greatly as the course gained their approval and admiration.