Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

National Day Ceremony (Our Kingdom-Our History 88)

- 2018/10/02

The Department of History at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies organized a ceremony entitled, “Our Kingdom-Our History 88” to celebrate the Saudi National Day. The event was supervised by Dr. Iman Al-Osaimy and attended by Prof. Nora Al-Mahmady (Vice Dean of the College), Dr. Maha Al-Otaiby (Vice Dean of the College for Training and Community Service), as well as a number of staff members at the Departments of Sharia and History.   

The ceremony comprised a number of themes, i.e. Serving Islam and Muslims, Economy, Education, Transportation and the National Transformation to Achieve the Saudi Vision 2030, King Salman Chair, as well as Hosting Student Clubs (Global Club and Hayat Club). In addition, it included an exhibition of students’ works and thoughts under the supervision of a group of History Department staff members.

At the beginning of the event, the Royal Anthem was chanted and followed by a Quranic recitation and a speech entitled, “This Is Me, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” respectively. Then, Prof. Saadiyah Al-Beishy (Assistant Head of the History Department), Prof. Nora Al-Mahmady (Vice Dean of the College), Dr. Hayat Ar-Rasheedy (Supervisor of Serving Islam and Muslims Corner), Dr. Fawzia Noah (Supervisor of the Economy Corner), Dr. Hanan Al-Judaany (Supervisor of the Education Corner), Dr. Ahlam Abo Qayed (Supervisor of the Transportation and the National Transformation to Achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 Corner) and Dr. Iman Al-Osaimy (Supervisor of King Salman Chair Corner) gave speeches about the National Day respectively. Afterwards, an open discussion with the attendees took place. Moreover, Prof. Wafaa Al-Mazrouey and Prof. Lamiaa Shafei (Former Makkah History Center Director) gave speeches on this occasion. In addition, two members of the student clubs (Global Club and Hayat Club) were hosted and invited to participate in the event. At the end of the ceremony, the winner of the best National Day Tweet Competition was announced. Besides, a concluding speech was given by Student/ Alaa Al-Qurashy followed by a tour of the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that the attendees were pleased with both the ceremony and the exhibition.