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UQU Training Course for 36 Senegalese and Indonesian Teachers Comes to a Close

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- 2018/08/25

The Umm Al-Qura University closed the scientific, cultural and social summer courses organized by the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers for (36) teachers from Senegal and Indonesia. It was attended by Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Rashad Srougy, the Vice President for the Educational Affairs, and Dr. Hassan Bukhari, the Dean of the Institute, at the Institute’s celebration hall at Azizia Campus.


Dr. Bukhari highlighted that this training course held for (36) trainees is a scientific program that offers the education, empowerment and development tools for the Arabic language teachers from the non-Arab countries, Senegal and Indonesia. The second part of the courses includes cultural tours to identify the culture of our holy country and its renaissance and great effort in serving the holy mosques and places.


This program is being held for its tenth year, from which a lot of trainees from Senegal and Indonesia benefited. He added that the number of beneficiaries reached (150) teachers from Senegal and (180) from Indonesia over the past years. He then lauded the auspices of Dr. Abdullah bin Omar BaFail, the UQU President, and the efforts of the University’s Vice Presidents and everyone participated in organizing the program.

Moreover, the trainees gave a speech in which they praised the government of  King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, for giving them the chance to benefit from the training program in the Arabic Language and Literatures , appreciating the directives of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Issa, the Minister of Education, for holding this training program in the UQU campus. They then thanked Dr. BaFail for the educational and cultural environment accompanying the program. They also thanked Dr. Bukhari everyone participated in organizing the program and its events.

Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Rashad Srougy, the Vice President for the Educational Affairs, wished luck and success for the training courses held by the Institute, highlighting that the organization of this program is a result for what the UQU gets of support from the wise government for the educational environment and human cadres. He added that hosting such a program comes as a part of the University’s mission towards its community, in serving its Islamic nation and spreading the Arabic language and literature across the world.