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Deanship of Scientific Research Organizes the First Preparatory Meeting of Scientific Research

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Added on - 2016/08/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/08/22


The Deanship of Scientific Research organized the first preparatory meeting of scientific research on Sunday Dhul-Qe'dah 18, 1437H, in the presence of 15 male and female coordinators representing Adhm University College, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research, College of Business Administration, College of Applied Medical Sciences,  College of Share'ia, College of Social Sciences, College of Da'wa and Islamic Theology, College of Science, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Computer Sciences, Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education, College of Designs, and Deanship of Postgraduate Studies, besides the committee in charge of  the meeting exhibition led by Dr. Sohail Al-Harbi in the Males section and Dr. Naeema Yarkandy in the Female section.   


The meeting was managed by the Deputy Chairman of the exhibition, Dr. Faisal Barwais who briefed the attendees on  the meetings objectives, restructuring of its committees, and the standards required for participation in the exhibition to be organized for two days at King Saud Hall with a view to improve knowledge and awareness, raise positive spirit of competition and build momentum to check on the latest researches and studies of UQU researchers.   


 Within the same vein, Dr. Naeema Yarkandy delivered address on the importance of the exhibition. She was followed by the Member of the General Secretariat of the meeting Dr. Sameera Sharaf who delivered and elaborate presentation on the tasks of the male and female coordinators, then Dr. Altaf AbdulKhaliq highlighted the research efforts of the college of medicine. After that, an elaborate presentation on the performance indicators required for qualitative and quantitative data related to colleges, scientific societies and research journals, was delivered by  the Vice-Dean of Scientific Research for Development and Quality and the Member of the Supervisory Committee, Dr. Hanadi Behairi.


The meeting was concluded by responding to the enquiries of the attendees on the content of the exhibition such as the scientific posters, and the areas allocated for such things.