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Arabic Language Center Organizes Second Research Excellence Forum for Graduate Studies Students

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Added on - 2018/04/19  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/04/19


In the honor of the UQU Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Khouli, and in the presence of the Dean of University Studies for Girls, Dr. Halah bint Saeed Al-Amoudi, the Deanship of Scientific Research, represented in the Arabic Language and Literature Research Center, has organized the events of the: “Second Research Excellence Forum” for the students of graduate studies in UQU, titled:“Intra-studies of the Arabic Language and Other Sciences”.

The events started with reciting verses from the Holy Qur’an, followed by an introductory presentation about the Arabic Language and Literature Research Center and its most prominent achievements. Afterwards, a message was delivered by Dr. Al-Khouli where she emphasized the importance of this kind of studies for the development of scientific research. Her message was followed by another by Dr. Al-Amoudi, where she expressed her admiration for the keenness to organize such intra-research events. Then the Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Volunteer Research and Research Volunteering, Dr. Somaia bint Ezzat Sharaf, delivered a message where she explained the impact of research centers in creating scientific movements. Afterwards, Dr. Haifaa bint Othman Feda, the Vice Dean of the Institute, delivered a message where she explained the results of intra-studies, in terms of: Innovation in the way of thinking, cognitive integration, achieving integration, and production of knowledge.

The firs session started, titled:(Arabic and Da’wah and Shari’a Studies), led by Dr. Soad bint Farih Saleh Al-Thaqafi, the Vice Dean of the Arabic Language College for Educational Affairs and Development. The session saw the participation of a group of researchers who introduced their research. These researchers were:Amal bint Abdulkarim Mohamed Al-Turkistani, Ghada bint Abdulmotakaber Sadeq Al-Maghrabi, Aisha bint Mohamed Saeed Shams Al-Din,  and Najat bint Hamza Mohamed Bawazir (students of the College of Da'wa and Islamic Theology), in addition to Kawthar bint Mohamed Saeed, Basma bint Ibad Aida Al-Salmi (students of Shari’a and Islamic Studies College), Mounira bint Abdullah HaliS Al-Malawi, and Andaa bint Hassan Mohamed Al-Sharif (students of Arabic Language and Literature College).

The second session then started, titled:  “Arabic Research, Applied Linguistics Science and Educational Studies”, led by Dr. Jamilah bint Abdulaziz Sadaqa Khayat, the Associate Professor at the College of Arabic Language and Literature. The session also saw the participation of a group of researchers who introduced their research. These researchers were:Bashayer bint Saad Abbas Al-Nabbati, Hanan bint Ali Amer Oseiry (colleges of the Arabic Language and Literature College), Fatima bint Mohamed Ali Al-Ahmari, Afrah bin Saloum Mofreh Al-Harbi, Taghreed bint Hussein Nassar Al-Khattabi, Dalal bint Ali Mohamed Al-Hadarity, Nahla bint Mohamed Jamil Bakr, and Wafaa bint Awad Deifallah Al-Harbi (students of Education College).

Before the end of the event, students of “Ghars (planting) Voluntary Team” were honoredFor their contributions to ensure the success of the events of the center during the second semester 1438/1439AH. These students were: Samaher Habib Malaka, Zahraa Ali Al-Zahrani, Somaia Ibrahim Al-Waqdani, Wafaa Mamouh Al-Oufi, Khawla Ibrahim Al-Saidi, Rahaf Mahya Al-Obtaiby, Safia Ahmed Sal, Sara Marzouk Al-Jaed, and team head, Ghalia Hamid Al-Refaey.

Moreover, the students who cooperated in the events of the center throughout academic year 1438/1439AH were:Heba Mohamed Haiazea Al-Omari, Alia Mohamed Haiazea Al-Omari, Maisoun Mohamed Ahmed Al-Omari, Laila Hamidan Hamid Al-Harbi, Reem Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Oreify, Wijdan Mohamed Marzouk Al-Sabhy, and Fatima Fahd Attia Al-thabiani.We thank Allah now and forever.