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Umm Al-Qura University

Report Writing & Preparation Workshop by Accounting Department of Al-Jamoum University College

College News
- 2018/03/30

At the Department of Accounting, the University College in Al-Jamoum (Girls Section), a Workshop on Report Writing and Preparation” was held. The event was presented by Prof. Asia Farhaty, Staff Member, on Thursday, 12th Rajab 1439H at 10:00 am. In addition, the workshop was attended by 36 students from the various departments in the College such as the Departments of Computers, Accounting, Media and Mathematics.   

During the workshop, the trainer demonstrated a number of topics mainly about the significance, objectives and types of reports. In other words, she pointed out that reports were considered one of the effective means of communication. In addition, she presented the characteristics of a good report, skills of report writing, general structure of a report, writing steps, as well as many tips for an effective report.  

In the same context, queries of the students of Media and Accounting concerning the preparation of field training and press reports were answered.  The same was done to the students of Computer and Mathematics with regards to the preparation of reports on projects and academic courses. Moreover, examples of management reports in enterprises and organizations in general were given.  

At the end of the workshop, students hailed the content of the event, saying that it would help them with their academic and practical life. On the other hand, the trainer expressed her appreciation to the interaction with the event, wishing everyone excellence and success.