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Pharmacy College Delivers Lecture about Pharmaceutical Vigilance and its Applications at King Faisal Hospital in Makkah

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Added on - 2018/03/28  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/03/28

Stemming from the keenness of the College of Pharmacy to spread the concept of pharmaceutical vigilance and encourage its application in the various medical institutions, the Unit of Community Service delivered a lecture about pharmaceutical vigilance and its applications. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Mohamed Tarek Emam, the Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at the College, on Monday 19 March 2018, within the awareness lectures and workshops program offered by the Unit of Community Service at King Faisal Hospital in Makkah.


Dr. Emam gave an introductory explanation of the science of pharmaceutical vigilance (Pharmacovigilance), which is the science of discovering, evaluating and preventing the dangers resulting from the use of pharmaceuticals, or any other pharmaceuticals-related issue.

He described the damage associated with the use of certain drugs,  from common to rare and, in some cases, serious, which could result in death, and permanent disabilities. In some cases, medical intervention and hospitalization may even be required.

He also shed light on the importance of an annual report to be submitted by the hospital’s pharmacy to monitor any adverse effects that appear on patients on the use of medications, as this is deemed voluntary work and a basis of the professional practices of pharmacy to monitor the safety of medicines, and ultimately benefit patients.

He also pointed out that good and continuous application of pharmaceutical vigilance helps detect the undesirable effects of drugs and their consequent evaluation as well as choosing the most appropriate drugs for patients, and comparing the therapeutic benefits of drugs to their undesirable effects.

The role of the college is prominent when it comes to raising awareness within the community of pharmacists to ensure the safety of patients and provide the individuals of the community with the best health care.