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Admission Tests for Students Transferring to Physical Education Department for Year 1438/1439AH

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Added on - 2018/03/20  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/03/20

The Department of Physical Education welcomes all transferred students who will be taking the admission test for academic year 1439/1440AH, and wishes everyone the best of luck.

Due to the nature of the specialty of Physical Education, which includes theoretical, practical, laboratory and field studies, there is a certain criteria that must be available in the students of this department. This criteria can be seen through some tests and procedures that eventually indicate the suitability of this specialty for the applying students. Tests are a prerequisite for admission at the Physical Education Department.

The test dates are as follows:

- Sunday 23 Jumada Al-Akhira to Thursday 6 Rajab 1439AH: resumption of the medical examination procedures for applicants (Download medical examination form)

Sunday 8 Rajab 1439AH: the admission tests start at 9:00am. Early arrival at the Gym is preferable.

The mechanism, requirements and procedures followed to enter admission tests are as follows:

  1. Medical examination: To ensure the health and physical soundness of the applicant.
  2. Students are not allowed to enter the tests before completing the medical examination (the examination may be performed by the UQU medical center in Al-Azizeyah or any accredited health authority).
  3. Bodily structure test and measuring weight and height: To ensure the body is free from any abnormalities or apparent disabilities.
  4. Disclaimer: The height of the applicant must be at least 165cm.
  5. General fitness tests, including: (Abdominal test, pull-up exercise, stability jump, fitness test, 100m run, and 800m run) 
  6. A sports attire must be worn to perform the test (sports shorts must be worn underneath the pants).
  7. The written test and the personal interview: (It includes a dialogue, a conversation, reading and writing). 

We ask Allah to guide everyone to the best for them،  And bestow you care.