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Recently Formed Team of Beacon of Scientific Research Holds First Meeting

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Added on - 2018/02/28  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/02/28

The work team of “Beacon of Scientific Research” – one of the accounts of the Deanship of Scientific Research – held its first meeting following a recent formation, in the context of development and preserving the achievements of the Beacon of Scientific Research. This was on Monday, Jumada Al-Thani 10, 1439 AH, in the hall of the female deputies to the centers, at 11:00 AM, as an introduction to the new work team in the second round of the Beacon of Scientific Research, pursuant to the decision of His Excellency Dr. Abdurrahman bin Ghaleb Al-Ahdal, Dean of Scientific Research. The decision involved the formation of a team consisting of Her Excellency Dr. Haifaa bint Othman Feda, Supervisor; Her Excellency Dr. Hanadi bint Beheiri, Deputy; and the following members: Prof. Afnan bint Muhammad Telmesani, Prof. Nozhah bint Yaqdhan Al-Jabri, Dr. Diana bint Fahmi Hammad, Dr. Talhah bint Hussein Fadaaq, Dr. Nourah bint Saleh Farouqi, Dr. Omaymah bint Mustafa Al-Shanqiti, Dr. Somayyah bint Hashem Hareeri, Dr. Fayzah bint Muhammad Al-Lehyani, Dr. Sarah bint Ahmad Al-Shareef.

The meeting aimed at making known the Beacon of Scientific Research; its vision, mission, and objectives; and what has been fulfilled to develop its structure. This is in addition to serving as a reminder of the praise it received from some websites for the success it achieved and for being distinguished. There was also an extensive discussion on the areas of the Beacon of Scientific Research in its previous round; these areas were distributed to the work team that has recently been formed, and new areas were added. The new areas are consistent with the modern orientations and methods of scientific research that depend on software, and some interdisciplinary approaches. 

The meeting ended with a set of recommendations to upgrade the Beacon of Scientific Research and refashion its periodic meetings for attaining the best outputs and leadership in its field.