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Deanship of Postgraduate Studies Announces Numbers of Candidates to Sit the Written Exams for Graduate Studies  

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Added on - 2018/01/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/02/05

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies has announced application numbers of male and female candidates to sit the written exams for admission to graduate studies programs for the academic year 1439-1440 H. The Deanship has noted that the written exams will start as of Sunday Jumada Al-Awal 11, 1439 H corresponding to January 28, 2018, and will end on Monday Jumada Al-Awal 19, 1439 H corresponding to February 5, 2018. 

• To review list of male and female candidates to sit the written test please click here 
• To learn about the schedule and venues of the written tests please click here

Students nominated for the written exam are encouraged to show up half an hour before the written exam. They must bring with them the following documents, without which they shall not be able to take the exam:

1- Print of the admission notification from the applicant's account in the unified admission portal.
2- Original and facsimile of the National ID.
3- Original and facsimile of the  Graduation Certificate. 
4- Original and facsimile of the transcript.
5- University Aptitude Certificate, as required by each relevant college and program and the English efficiency certificate.
6- Higher Diploma in Education Certificate 
•    Conditions no. 5  relates to the Colleges of Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Islamic Architecture, Computers & Information Systems, Education “ Ph.D.”.
•    Condition no. 6 relates to the applicants to MSc program in the College of Education who has not obtained a bachelor degree in the major of education. 

The staff of UQU’s Deanship wishes success and good luck for all in completing their higher studies.