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(How to Guide My Student Academically?), Workshop by Admission Deanship

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Added on - 2017/12/17  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/12/17

Under the patronage of Dr. Hashem bin Ahmad Al-Samadany, Dean of Admission and Registration, the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs (Girls Section) organized a training course with the title, “How to Guide My Student Academically?” The workshop which targeted the staff-member academic advisors aimed to:

  1. Introduce the advisor to her role in the process of academic guidance for the success of the student’s educational progress.
  2. Introduce the advisor to the academic movements in the university.
  3. Guide the advisor to the facilitators in the guidance process.  
  4. Raise academic problems and appropriate solutions.  

It is worth mentioning that the three-day Workshop started on Tuesday, 24th Rabie I 1439H and ended on Thursday, 26th Rabie I 1439H. Moreover, it was attended by (122) staff-member academic advisors from the various branches and premises of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU).

In this context, the Workshop started with an opening session by Dr. Fatma bint Ali Al-Ghamdi, Vice-Dean of Admission and Registration for Academic Affairs. Dr. Al-Ghamdi introduced the audience to the Deanship in general and to the services provided by the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs in specific. 

At the first session, Dr. Al-Ghamdi demonstrated the concept of guidance and the characteristics and functions of academic advisors. She also presented the themes and tools of academic guidance, as well as their role in the enhancement of the university student’s motivation and performance levels.    

In the second and third sessions, the Vice-Dean and the Unit Heads explained the procedures and conditions of academic movements.

In addition to that, the updates of the academic movements were presented. These included the adoption of electronic postponement and apology. Besides, the sessions included the study of academic problems and methods to help students.

Finally, the Workshop ended with guiding the advisors and students to the facilitators in the guidance process. This also included the introduction to the method to benefit from the Deanship's website in order to obtain manuals of procedures and regulations.  

On the other hand, the results of the assessment of the target environment of the workshop showed satisfaction with its objectives and content. They also witnessed tangible interaction and rich discussion by the participants from both the University’s main premises in Makkah and branches in Adham, Al-Lith and Al-Jamoum.

It is worth mentioning that such rich experience concluded with the following recommendations:

  1. To activate the electronic academic guidance.
  2. To link the number of the new student with the academic advisor.
  3. To repeat workshops and courses that raised the level of academic advisor’s awareness and to allocate them at the level of colleges.
  4. To provide guidance manuals to students and academic advisors.
  5. Not to limit the role of advisors in the two weeks of registration and to activate their role and power throughout the progress of university students.

In conclusion, a meeting is determined to be held with the working group to honor the participating team and discuss the proposals of the target group to be employed within the future aspirations of the Deanship of Admission and Registration. In other words, the establishment of such workshops comes within the framework of the Deanship's keenness to strengthen its relationship to the university community and joint efforts to serve and support students to achieve a successful educational process.


May Allah Grant Everyone His Guidance!